Services – Toastmaster

Professional and celebrated Toastmaster and Master of Ceremonies for Weddings, Civil Partnerships, Corporate events and many more.I have been a professional Toastmaster and Master of Ceremonies for 17 years and during this time, I have had the pleasure of working at many and varied wedding celebrations and functions including events attended by VIPs and Royalty.

With my experience I can advise and help you run YOUR special day the way YOU want it to happen. Forget the pre conceived idea that Toastmasters are stuffy and take over your event !

As Toastmaster at your wedding, I will be there for you and your guests, unobtrusive, but on hand to guide, advise and be the link between you and the venue owners/organisers.

If you need help in planning your special day or advice on protocols, speech writing, traditions and etiquette, I believe I can help you.

Knowing the pitfalls and stresses weddings can cause enables me to reassure you and therefore if you wish to hire me I do insist we meet up prior to the event to talk through the wedding, answer questions and sort any problems you may have, as well as to ensure that you understand I am there for YOU – I won’t take over or try to do things my way.

It’s your day.

I am quite prepared to travel to any special location.

My uniform wardrobe includes Kilt order if you wish .

For a no obligation discussion, please contact me by email or by phone at any time. If availability allows, I am more than prepared to assist at short notice.


Please have a look at my Toastmaster diary to see if your date is free or call me to enquire.

My fee for weddings is £300.00 “plus expenses” irrespective of travel or length of time at your venue. Normally,and especially at weddings, I will be with you for most of the late morning and into the early evening prior to the evening events but every event is different.


Obviously Weddings take up the majority of my duties but as a professional MC I can help run your event and be the “mouthpiece” for your gathering. Every event is different and requires a suitable approach, call me and let’s discuss your requirements.

I annually host the Hastings Seafood and Wine Festival in September, so come on down and have a chat.